Who We Are

We partner with auto dealers to effectively create traffic, customer loyalty and generate sales

About us

About us


Since 2007, in the Old Port of Montreal, our promise has been simple: to leverage the best practices in direct, event and digital marketing to help automotive dealers effectively create showroom traffic, customer loyalty and generate sales. 
Customized service offering, VIP ambiance, communication tools and planning. We pamper your customers as if they were our own!


Interforce Marketing has worked with dealerships representing almost all brands distributed in North America


We also have a presence on the other side of the Atlantic. Our team in France has already completed more than 100 events in one year


In 2017, Interforce Marketing launched our first event in the US market

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Interforce Marketing was founded in 2007. Originally, Interforce Marketing was a marketing company that worked with companies of all sizes (small and large), from all sectors. The services offered has varied: marketing consulting, market research, direct marketing, telemarketing, etc.

In 2012, a turning point came.

Here are some key dates in the history of Interforce Marketing:

  •     November 2007 Interforce Marketing Foundation
  •     June 2012 First customer served in the automotive field
  •     September 2013 Publication of the 10 Keys to Marketing Success
  •     November 2015 Opening of our in-house call center
  •     January 2016 102% growth between 2014 and 2015
  •     October 2016 Launch of new web marketing services
  •     December 2016 Major technology investment in our call center
  •     January 2017 96% growth between 2015 and 2016
  •     February 2017 Grand opening of our new office
  •     March 2017 Redesign of our new website and logo
  •     April 2018  Increased our BDC capacity to 43 full-time agents

Our Philosophy

Our four core values:

  • Customers come first, above all else
  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Team Spirit

Customers come first, above all else

  • Respect for dealership values, manufacturer's policies and internal organizations
  • Accurate and confidential management of your lists
  • Our internal call center speaks to your customers as if they were our own


  •  We are marketing experts who pay great attention to details
  •  Constant investment in R&D
  •  Compliance with CRTC regulations and best practices in this area


  • Close relationships with our customers - frequent monitoring to ensure smooth running of the organization
  • Approval requests for each item
  • Satisfaction survey at the end of each project

Team spirit

  • Seemless cohesion between our different departments