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  • Frequently Asked Questions


    Do you have your own call center?

    Yes, Interforce Marketing has its own call center. A physical or virtual tour of our facilities is possible. Our call center has a modern technological infrastructure that enables efficient and secure management of all our campaigns. Recording and archiving of all calls are included. We are confident that we can meet all your expectations.  
    Can I choose my event manager?

    Yes, when time permits, Interforce Marketing can usually present you with 2 or 3 Event Manager options that are available for the dates you reserved.
    Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes, Interforce Marketing offers a guarantee on the resources that are used for the success of your operation. Our entire team collaborates to deliver a turnkey solution according to the presentation that you were shown by our representatives. 
    However, Interforce Marketing offers no guarantee on results, number of scheduled appointments, visits or concession sales.

    Our company has no control over several important elements that have a relative impact on the success of an operation. 

    From our experience, several factors influence to varying degrees the commercial success of an event: 
    1. Quality promotional offers put forward by the manufacturer and the dealer 
    2. The level of customer satisfaction with the dealership's sales department and service 
    3. The new model release schedule 
    4. Inventory available at the dealership 
    5. Skills, mobilization and organization of the sales team
    6. Frequency and intensity of follow-up with existing customers 
    7. Dealer pricing policy
    8. Weather 
    9. Current promotions from competitors
    Do you charge your clients for results?

    No, Interforce Marketing's policy is to charge customers a preset rate, regardless of the results of the operation. We offer a fair price that takes into account all the resources that are used for the turnkey service that is offered.
    What is a VIP private sale?

    A VIP private sale is the combination of direct marketing and event marketing tactics. This is a loyalty event which takes place on 2 or 3 consecutive days. Guests are invited by appointment to come discover and enjoy exceptional deals at the dealership. Guests are greeted in a VIP atmosphere. 
    Interforce Marketing owns the following domain: www.ventepriveevip.com. The domain name is used to promote our customer's events (ex. Dealershipname.vipclient.net).
    What are the other names we can give a loyalty event?

    Beyond the "VIP Private Sale" theme, Interforce Marketing can develop a custumized theme for your event including design, decorations for your showroom, and URL. 

    Here are 2 examples of domain names belonging to Interforce Marketing: 
    •   Most exclusive Sale www.mostexclusivesale.com
    •   Top Secret Sale www.topsecretsale.net 
    Do you create conquest marketing plans?

    Yes, Interforce Marketing creates conquest marketing plans. As part of a conquest marketing plan, we invite prospective customers to visit your dealership and discover your team, your products and your offers. These projects obviously generate much less return than loyalty projects. Short-term results are more difficult to predict. Interforce Marketing never includes conquest marketing in the initial marketing framework with a new dealership.  The first collaboration is always on a customer loyalty project.


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