For Car Dealerships

They Trust Us

  • An Interforce Marketing representative can be available for a one-on-one meeting with a contact person from your dealership, or your group, during one of  the major auto shows in Canada  


  • Interforce Marketing is already accredited by several automakers in Canada


  • Interforce Marketing's project managers ensure compliance with the manufacturer's style guidelines when specified and required


  • The project managers at Marketing Interforce are already in contact with several marketing policy-makers and have access to several "add centers"


  • If you plan to work with Interforce Marketing, but do not see Interforce Marketing in the list of companies allowing you to benefit from 'co-op', please contact one of our representatives to confirm or to allow us to communicate with a representative from the manufacturer to help transition the process


  • For more information on these services, contact one of our Business Development Managers at 514-439-0907.