For Manufacturers

We work with brands distributed across North America

  • Interforce Marketing has worked with dealerships representing almost all brands distributed in North America


  • With its internal call center located in Montreal, Interforce Marketing is equipped to provide call center services nationally or provincially, directly to automakers (incoming or outgoing calls)


  • Interforce Marketing is available to provide comprehensive direct-mail services to car manufacturers (strategy, design, printing, mailings)


  • Interforce Marketing is at your service for direct marketing and digital marketing projects with automakers


  • Interforce Marketing is limited by the number of events that can be held simultaneously. The two limiting factors are: the number of event directors available at the same time, and production capacity at our telemarketing call center.


  • Interforce Marketing is able to prepare and provide case studies to automakers


  • An Interforce Marketing representative is available at all times to answer questions from vehicle manufacturer marketing representatives.