Other Services

Discover a range of additional services at your disposal

Beyond our VIP Private Sales

Our team offers a range of cutting-edge marketing services

Enjoy coaching services on telephone follow-up 

Our coach gives your team a workshop presenting best practices in telephone follow-up for loyalty events in car dealerships

Our coach develops, motivates and manages your representatives to carry out telephone follow-up with your existing customers

Gain confidence and skills by booking your own appoitments and keeping a timely follow-through

Go beyond loyalty. Discover conquest marketing

Some dealerships want to adopt a conquest marketing strategy to expand their market share, by adding a conquest marketing module to their private sales events, or creating a 100% conquest marketing event for the opening of their new dealership.

Adopt this strategy to expand your current database by inviting new, targeted potential customers to your dealership.

Interforce Marketing offers you:

  • Drafting of Marketing Plans
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Telemarketing campaign to book appointments
  • SMS campaign
  • Design and distribution of flyers
  • Car shows in shopping centers and public areas, with greeting hostesses
  • Design and production of promotional items
  • Installation of a chat component on your website, and management of communications
  • Development of promotional videos
  • Animation of your Facebook page
  • Training for your sales reps

To know more

For more information on these services, contact one of our Business Development Managers at 514-439-0907.